Sustenance Showdown: Plant-Based Diet vs. Vegan
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Sustenance Showdown: Plant-Based Diet vs. Vegan

Plant-based diet vs. vegan diet, what the heck? Vegan, plant-based, Mediterranean, paleo, there will always be some sort of diet and or lifestyles label you can align with and community you can join. Seriously, if there’s a certain way you wish to lead your life there is almost certainly a group of people out there who live the exact same way. The internet has made it extremely easy to find these communities and band together with like-minded people across the world.

Looking specifically at plant-based diet vs. vegan, what exactly does it mean to be either one? Don’t vegans eat mainly plants, making it a plant-based diet? If a plant-based diet isn’t necessarily considered vegan, what is it? What’s the difference?

After reading this article, you will never feel lost among your vegan or plant-based friends again! If you want to learn the differences in a plant-based diet vs. veganism, just keep reading.

What is Veganism?

First thing’s first. What even is veganism, anyway? Well, the definition of vegan is, “a person who does not eat or use animal products.” This means that veganism typically goes far beyond what you eat. Passing on steak and chicken sandwiches does not make you vegan. There are vegan hair care products, makeup, clothes, and, of course, foods. Vegans are incredibly thoughtful about everything they purchase and use, the industries have made it easier to recognize vegan product by donning a specifically vegan badge but a vegan takes care in understanding their environments and eliminating any burden on an animal as a result of their lifestyle. 

And just a quick side note: veganism is not the same thing as vegetarianism, either. Vegetarians do not eat meat, but may still consume dairy, eggs, and other non-vegan products.

What is Plant-Based?

Okay, now that we’re caught up on veganism, time to move on to plant-based. This diet/lifestyle could be considered more or less strict than veganism, depending on how you view your menu and lifestyle. If you choose to be plant-based, you’re not giving up your favorite leather boots or cosmetics but you’re more focused on the wellness effect of eating a plant-based diet and as such, processed foods are your nemesis.

That’s right, those on a plant-based diet limit the processed foods that they eat. You’ll find there are a lot of products out there that display the recognizable “vegan” badge but have ingredients you cannot pronounce. You know those products are not grown but made in a laboratory, while they do not have any animal product in them, they are processed with additives and therefore are not typically consumed by someone living a plant-based life. 

Beyond the many benefits that a plant-based diet can provide you personally, it also carries numerous environmental benefits, such as saving animals and saving the planet by lowering your carbon footprint and promoting conservation of the ocean and other habitats.

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Plant-Based vs. Vegan, Which is Right For You?

Now you know the differences between a plant-based diet vs. vegan diet. If after reading this you’re thinking, maybe I want to pick up one of these lifestyles, but which one? The best thing is to seriously consider what you can and can’t live without.

Whether you are doing it for you, for the animals, for the planet or a combination of those reasons, in the end you’ll saves lives so in the plant-based diet vs. vegan diet conversation, there is no wrong choice.

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