5 Environmental Benefits of Eating Whole Foods Plant Based Protein
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5 Environmental Benefits of Eating Whole Foods and Plant Based Protein

Before you start chowing down on that juicy burger you made, stop and think for a moment on what it cost to get it on your table and no, we don’t mean the amount of cash you gave the cashier at the grocery store for the ground beef. We mean the amount of pollution that it caused to make.

Agriculture causes a whopping 42% pollution rate in the United States alone. We don’t have to give you a calculator for you to probably know that’s a lot. Keep reading to find out how you can contribute to cutting this number down a little by switching to whole foods plant based protein.

1. You’ll Cut Your Carbon Footprint 

Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon that you put in the air from the fossil fuels that you use up. Things like driving to work instead of biking or that burger on your table make your number go up. 

While yes, another mother in the grocery store would have picked up that meat if you didn’t, you’re at least not contributing to the industry. 

2. It Saves on Water

It takes gallons upon gallons of water to just produce the one pound of ground beef that went into your burger. It takes much less than that to make a pound of veggie protein. 

While clean water reserves are a little on the low side at the moment every bit counts and meat production is just wasteful. 

3. Protects Habitats

As the agriculture industry expands they need more land to do their job. Much of this expansion goes into just feeding and keeping up the livestock. Eventually, this bleeds into the habitats of other animal species. 

This deforestation eventually destroys habitats to the point where entire species are wiped out. 

4. Conserves the Oceans 

The manure and other waste from the farms have to go somewhere. It ends up getting stored in lagoons and eventually, gets lumped in with groundwater. Gross right? 

It gets worse. After a bit, the pollution in the groundwater makes its way into our rivers and oceans, effectively killing marine life. 

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5. Will Provide Cleaner Air to Breath

Agriculture creates tons of manure which causes ammonia to escape into the air. This ammonia on top of taking your breath away causes a lovely smog. This creates a domino effect of other gasses to be released into the air.

So, if you don’t want methane or hydrogen sulfate in the air you breathe, it might be smart to make a change.    

Whole Foods Plant Based Protein Can Save the Environment  

Whole foods plant based protein is more than just a simple diet trend. It can help save the planet. Producing plant-based protein uses up fewer resources than meat and is just overall better for your body as well. 

So, why don’t you put down that burger you’re eating and make the first steps towards reducing your carbon footprint.

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