This Plant-Based Restaurant Serves Up Cannabis Dishes
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This Plant-Based Restaurant Serves Up Cannabis Dishes

One plant-based restaurant in the United Kingdom is serving their diners a wide variety of plants, including cannabis.

Brighton’s aptly-named restaurant The Canna Kitchen serves vegetarian and vegan dishes infused with the cannabinoid Cannabidiol (CBD), which is a legal cannabis compound that does not give people the effect of feeling “high” but is said to have therapeutic effects.

The restaurant also uses Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabinol (CBN), both also legal and non-psychoactive.

Canna Kitchen wants to change the way people thinking about cannabis, stating on their website that it as “a highly nutritious, versatile and powerful herb; it is packed full of flavour, fragrance and natural therapeutic benefit.”

The eatery hopes to change the stereotype of cannabis as a purely recreational drug to something that can have a positive impact on health.

However, for customers who may not be comfortable with the idea of trying out one of their cannabis dishes, the infusion of cannabinoids is completely optional.

This Plant-Based Restaurant  The Canna Kitchen Serves Up Cannabis Dishes

They offer both vegetarian and vegan dishes like Sesame Cavolo Nero, Yorkshire Pudding, Smoked Aubergine, Hazelnut and Sun-dried Tomato Wellington, and for dessert menu options include vegan chocolate cake and CBD infused Hemp Ice Cream.

In a statement to hospitality and restaurant news site Big Hospitality in November, founder Sammy Ben-Rabah said: “The numerous beneficial properties of the cannabis plant have always inspired me.”

“It is one of the most versatile crops in nature, with potential applications in almost every area of our modern life,” he added.

“We are seeking to change misconceptions around this plant by introducing it to people in a form they may not have encountered before.”

In the basement below the restaurant, there is a relaxation lounge offering CBD-infused beverages.

The Canna Kitchen is open daily at 14 Duke Street in Brighton.


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