Animal Farmers Turned Vegan to Speak at Major Plant-Based Food Conference
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Animal Farmers Turned Vegan to Speak at Major Plant-Based Food Conference

Three former animal farmers who turned vegan and switched to vegetable farming will speak at a major plant-based food conference in the UK.

The Grow Green conference, which was organized by The Vegan Society, brings together businesses, investors, and city representatives to “connect, share experiences, and find joint solutions for financing city greening.”

It will offer workshops to provide nature-based solutions to “create resilient, health, and livable cities” and discussions regarding the rise of plant-based food and its effect on the environment and farmers in the UK.

“The interest in plant-based foods has increased exponentially in recent years,” Louise Davies from The Vegan Society said in a statement.

“Alongside this, scientists and academics are confirming that we need to be reducing our consumption of animal products.”

“This important conference will discuss the implications of changing diets for food production, our land, and the environment, and will explore what challenges and opportunities this presents for British producers.”

The conference will also have panel discussions about political barriers to plant-based production, how a plant-powered future can help fight climate change, how to make the best use of land in the UK for vegetable farming, and how to meet the demand for plant-based food.

Jay Wilde, former animal farmer turned vegan who was featured in the award-winning vegan film 73 Cows, will be one of the speakers at the conference.

He and other former animal farmers will discuss how animal farmers will be able to switch from animal agriculture to vegetable farming and other opportunities within the vegan movement.

Other speakers would include Natalie Bennett, former Leader of the Green Party; Helen Harwatt, Farmed Animal Law and Policy Fellow at Harvard University; and Marcela Villarreal, Director of South-South Cooperation at the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

“The science is clear and consistent about the need to reconfigure food systems to fit within environmental limits, while also addressing a myriad of public health issues,” said Dr. Harwatt.

The Grow Green conference will be held at British Library in London on April 11, 2019.

Early bird tickets are available for only £40 + VAT until February 15, while day delegate passes are only £55 + VAT. Both passes include free lunch and beverages.

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