7 Tips for Making the Transition: Vegetarian to Vegan
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3 Tips for Making the Transition: Vegetarian to Vegan

As this new year continues, we’re all trying to be kinder to our bodies. This takes many different forms for different people. For many, it means making the transition from vegetarian to vegan lifestyle

Many believe that a vegan diet is the healthiest diet possible. Totally weening yourself off all animal products can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. And it can leave you feeling better about your role in the meat and dairy industry and about your own health. 

What’s the best way to transition from vegetarian to vegan? Read on and we’ll walk you through the process. 

1. Educate Yourself

The best way to make the transition easy is to make sure you have as much knowledge as possible on your side. Veganism is a big lifestyle change, and familiarizing yourself with it deeply beforehand can help deepen your resolution and commitment. 

Start learning how to tell if a product is vegan or not. Chances are, you’ll be in a supermarket in the near future and will be forced to figure out what you can eat and what you can’t. Learning how to work through an ingredient list in this way is important to learn prior to starting the transition. 

Don’t forget to research where vegan shops and restaurants are in your area so that you’ll know where to start eating and shopping when you start. 

2. Transition Slowly 

Many people want to drop right into a new habit or lifestyle, but you’ll be doing yourself more favors if you transition slowly. Begin to add more vegan food to your diet. Rely more on grains, beans, and so forth in preparing your meals. 

Before fully taking a step into veganhood, take a half step. Begin preparing vegan meals for yourself and familiarize yourself with the process. Introduce new meals into your life before you start removing old ones. 

Making the transition easy will give you a much better chance at sticking to your new lifestyle than if you threw yourself into it, flailing. 

3. Keep A Positive Attitude 

Many people think transitioning from vegetarianism to veganism is easy, or just another small step over. But you’ll be surprised to learn how many of the products you use to have some sort of animal product in them. 

Transitioning can be difficult, and it’s important to keep a positive attitude toward the process. When going into the process, remind yourself why you’ve decided to go vegan. Hold these values close to you in your first few months of transition.

Keep your mind focused on pros instead of cons. Think of all the delicious new foods you can try instead of focusing on the ones you’re giving up. Like any transition, starting can be tough. But once you’ve gotten into the routine of your vegan diet, you’ll be thrilled at the results. 

Transitioning From Vegetarian to Vegan

It’s never easy as we think to make big life changes. Transitioning from vegetarian to vegan can be more difficult than one expects, but the above tips are a great way to make the process easier. 

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