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5 Ways Veganism Can Help Save the Planet

by Peter Manley

If you’ve been on social media lately, then chances are you’ve seen the many posts about the disastrous wildfires that have been happening in Australia. Indeed, the wildfires are an absolute tragedy that has caused immeasurable damage to Australia in many ways. In fact, according to the New York Times, these wildfires are amongst some of the worst Australia has ever seen, with the wildfires impacting every state in the country. On top of that, Australia has been dealing with the worst drought in its history and some of the highest temperatures to date. 

And while Australia is seeing major press coverage at the moment, it isn’t the only environmental tragedy that’s taking place––there are many. Coral reefs are dying, ocean plastics are killing ocean wildlife, the air purity is terrible worldwide, football fields-worth of forests are being destroyed by the second, and much more. Long story short, Mother Nature as we know it is dying––and fast. 

If we want to reverse the damage that we have caused––and it is possible––then we must take massive action starting now. That being said, you might be looking for a way to contribute to the betterment of the environment. If so, that’s great! There are many ways to lend a helping hand, such as: 

  • Joining a local beach cleanup
  • Starting a recycling bin at your home
  • Donating to your favorite environmental nonprofit 
  • Picking up trash in your local neighborhood
  • Spreading the word to/encouraging others to take action
  • And more. 

However, one of the absolute best ways to contribute to the saving of the environment is by adopting a vegan lifestyle. When you go vegan, you help to save animals, prevent waste, save trees, and much more. While veganism isn’t soaring around in a superhero suit, it is absolutely one of the best ways to save the world as we know it. 

Whether you’re looking to adopt a vegan lifestyle already or are trying to help protect the environment, this is a good read. Let’s discuss five ways that veganism can help save the world––literally. 

#1: Veganism improves air quality.

As you probably already know, greenhouse gas is easily one of the largest threats to earth as we know it. It’s no longer a secret: the meat industry’s process emits some of the most harmful gasses into the atmosphere. In fact, the meat industry is responsible for a majority of the harmful greenhouse gasses emitted to date, contributing nearly 51% of it all. Yes, even more than those emitted from vehicles on the road. 

Of course, greenhouse gasses are one of the biggest contributors to global warming. As the greenhouse effect continues to increase, temperatures rise, drought occurs, and wildfires can be the result––such as we see happening in Australia at this very moment. 

On the other hand, however, plants are Mother Nature’s air filters that simply clean the air of many pollutants. Also, when crops are harvested, little to no harmful chemicals are produced in the process, further protecting the environment. 

#2: Veganism helps protect rainforests. 

Quite literally, every single second, a football field’s worth of rainforest is torn down and cleared to make way for livestock to graze and be reared. To put things into perspective, the meat farming industry is directly responsible for nearly 91 percent of the destruction and deforestation of our beloved Amazon rainforest. 

While non-vegans may say that soybean farming is a bigger cause, the truth is that roughly 70 percent of all soybean crop is grown and delivered to animal farms for livestock feed. Adopting a vegan diet can dramatically reduce the amount of deforestation that is happening as you read this.

#3: Veganism helps with water conservation. 

Did you know that there are well over a billion people in the world that lack access to fresh water? Meanwhile, the meat industry is responsible for using embarrassing amounts of water every year, and quite inefficiently at that. Take this in: it takes roughly 2,400 gallons of water just to produce a single pound of meat, while a very small fraction of that amount is needed to raise crops such as corn, rice, lettuce, etc. If you switch to a vegan diet and lifestyle, you automatically use less water. The water saved can then be given to those in need. 

#4: Veganism reduces water (ocean) pollution.

Sure, the leading cause of ocean pollution is the overuse of plastics and the reckless discard of trash into these bodies of water. However, the meat industry also contributes to water pollution. Year after year, tons of antibiotics, animal waste, and hormones are mindlessly discarded into rivers, streams, and lakes. Of course, these waters ultimately enter our water table––which is where we source our drinking water––and flow into the ocean as well. 

It’s rather difficult to remove all impurities and plastics from the water, so the result we see is an increased level of disease, sickness, and the decline of ocean wildlife. Yes, the growth of crops does leak some harmful fertilizer chemicals into our waters. However, it is a very small fraction compared to the damage done by the meat industry. 

#5: Veganism replenishes ocean wildlife. 

People tend to consider it better to eat wild fish over farmed fish. However, the harvesting of wild fish also means the death of nearly 300 thousand dolphins, whales, and porpoises that are wrongly caught in fishing nets. Not only that, but even more turtles, birds, and seals also die after being caught in nets and fishing gear. 

By adopting a vegan lifestyle and diet, you literally save hundreds––if not thousands––of animal lives each and every year. And that includes both land and ocean wildlife. 

If you’re interested in learning how to adopt a vegan lifestyle, check out this helpful reference on starting a plant-based diet: 7 Tips for Transitioning to a Plant-Based Diet

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